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Army Centralized Promotion Boards

Army Selection Board Schedules: FY14 | FY15 | FY16

These announcements contain instructions regarding promotion consideration. Close attention must be given to specific eligibility criteria and other requirements contained in these messages.

Sergeant Major (SGM) board information
FY15 SGM Training & Selection Board Announcement Message
Issued 1 July 2015 | Board Convenes 9 September 2015 | Results Released: TBD

FY14 SGM Training & Selection Board Announcement Message
Issued 31 January 2014 | Board Convened 3 June 2014 | Results Released:

Master Sergeant (MSG) board information
FY16 Promtoion Board | FY16 SFC QSP Board
Board convenes: 1 March 2016
Issued: 27 October 2015

Sergeant First Class (SFC) board information

Official Release of the FY15 SFC Selection List
Issued 9 September 2015 | RELEASE DATE: 17 September 2015

FY15 Promotion Board Announcement Message
20 February 2015 | Board Convened 2 June 2015

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