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SFAB Recruiting


Branch Managers

Operation Division (OD)

Air Defense Artillery (CMF 14)

Armor (CMF 19)

ARSOF (CMF 18, 37, 38, & 75th Ranger Regiment)

Aviation (CMF 15)

Field Artillery (CMF 13)

Infantry (CMF 11)

Operations Support Division (OSD)

Chemical & Public Affairs (CMF 74 & 46)

Engineer (CMF 12)

Military Intelligence (CMF 15 & MOS 09L)

Military Police (CMF 31)

Signal (CMF 25)

Force Sustainment Division (FSD)

Quartermaster Corps (CMF 51 & 92)

Health Services (CMF 68)

Ordnance (CMF 89, 91, 94)

Transportation (CMF 88)

Soldier Support (MOS 27D, 36B, 42A, 42R, 42S, 56M & 79S)

Readiness Division (RD)

Readiness Branch (DS, AIT PSG, Recruiter, EOA, Nominative Assignments)

SGM / CSM Branch

SGM / CSM Branch

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