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SFAB Recruiting


Links for Career Counselors

Tier 1 Links (Daily Use)

AR 601-280, Army Retention Program
RETAIN Login (Keystone)
FY18 RETAIN Messages (through AKO)
The ROCK Databasebase Folder (through AKO)
The Army Retention Management (ARM) Database (DB)
Virtual Retention Board
Career Counselor Facebook Group
Career Counselor ToolBox MilSuite
MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2) Site
DA G-1, SMARTBOOK (DA Pam 611-21)
Benefits for Education Administrative Services Tool (BEAST)
Individual Critical Task List(ICTL)

Tier 2 Links (Systems)

Dwell Checker
MILPER Messages
ALARACT Messages
Case Management System (CMS)
Force Management System (FMSWeb)

Links to keep you informed

Useful career related information

Soldier Information

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