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Voluntary Separation

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Policy. The Enlisted Voluntary Early Separation Program authorizes commanders exercising Special Court Martial Convening Authority (SPCMCA) or higher to approve early separation prior to contractual ETS for Regular Army enlisted Soldiers in two categories:

The first category includes Soldiers approaching their contractual ETS, who have chosen not to reenlist or extend, may request voluntary early separation up to 180 days prior to contractual ETS for the purpose of accepting employment.

The second category includes those Soldiers denied reenlistment by Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), under precision retention in accordance with reference G above may request voluntary early separation up to 90 days prior to contractual ETS.

Current Enlisted Involuntary Early Separation Message(s):
MILPER Message 17-021, Enlisted Voluntary Early Separation Program, 18 January 2017

ALARACT Message 020/2015, Enlisted Voluntary Early Separation Program, 21 January 2015

Processing guidance: Soldiers who meet the criteria IAW MILPER Message 17-021 will submit a DA Form 4187 through their chain of command requesting voluntary separation.

The following Soldiers are ineligible for voluntary early separation under this program:

- Reserve component Soldiers.

- Soldiers ordered to active duty due to failure to meet the requirements of their educational agreement.

- Soldiers who will have less than 36 months of total service at the time of separation.

- Soldiers who have an approved retirement code in the Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB).

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