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Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOA) Assignment

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Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) conducts three EOA classes annually. The EOA course graduation commences in January, April and September with Soldier assignments in February, May and October respectively. Their goal is to achieve and maintain a minimum of 90% EOA assigned strength. To do so, they need your help in identifying EOAs who will volunteer to extend 6-12 months (not to exceed 36 months as an EOA). By attaining this milestone, they ensure ALL Soldiers have the support they deserve and they look forward to working with EOA POCs to accomplish this task.

The Equal Opportunity (EO) program formulates, directs and sustains a comprehensive effort to maximize human potential and to ensure fair treatment for all persons based solely on merit, fitness, and capability in support of readiness. EOAs assist Commanders in developing a leadership climate where all Soldiers are treated with fairness, justice, and equity. DEOMI needs experienced EOAs to train its students and share experiences. EOA instructors must meet the qualifications outlined in AR 600-20, Chapter 6. Listed below are a few of the basic requirements. Qualified Soldiers must contact their Branch Managers for further guidance.

• Grade Requirements are SFC & Above
• SQI "Q" is awarded after completion of training
• Length Training is 15 weeks
• Training Location is Patrick AFB, FL
• The proponent The Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCSPER) Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
• Tours for enlisted personnel assigned to CONUS units will be 24 months (exclusive of training time) with the possibility for extension.
• Tours for enlisted personnel assigned to OCONUS will be the prescribed tour length of that assignment based on status (accompanied/unaccompanied). Those Soldiers assigned to a 1-year OCONUS tour will be assigned the additional 1 year in CONUS.

For questions call COML: 502-613-5812 or DSN 983-5812 or email at

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