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HireMilitary - Internship Opportunities for Transitioning Soldiers

The DoD SkillBridge Program framework is based on two driving principles:
● The military services will allow eligible Service members to participate in industry training instead of performing military duties during the closing months of their careers.
● Industry training providers will offer training at little or no cost to eligible Service members on or near the installations where they are stationed for the closing months of their military careers.

In accordance with DoDI 1322.29 and Army Regulation 600-81, Soldiers of any rank are authorized to complete “internships” at companies to teach them job responsibilities, new skills and practices specific to the business/industry.
● Participation may start up to 180 days from date of separation.
The program may last up to 120 days.
● Soldiers may be authorized up to 120 days of Permissive TDY to participate.
● Interns shall not receive compensation of any kind from the Employer (retain military pay & entitlements).

Step-by-step instructions:
❶ Register at and indicate interests (It's FREE!)
You can do this up to one year before your separation date!
❷ Upload signed Commander Approval memo (Draft Memo)
❸ Review vacancies by industry and/or location
❹ Select Vacancies
❺ Profile/Opportunity screened
Interview with Employer
❼ Paperwork filed to begin program

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