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Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Codes

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Current IMREPR Codes

Correct and accurate IMREPR codes not only affect retention; they also affect reclassification, reassignments, promotions, awards and decorations, attendance at civil or military schooling, retirement and family member travel to overseas commands.

Code | Description
10 or Blank | No Disqualification (Fully Eligible for Immediate Reenlistment)
9A | Lost Time (IAW AR 630-10)
9B | Adverse Action Flag (Flag Codes A, H, L, M, U, V, and X)
9C | Denied Retention by SA – Commander Quality (restricted to fully qualified Soldiers “IMREPR 10” who requested and were denied reenlistment by the O-6 Commander)
9D | Pending Security Clearance Determination
9E | Physical Readiness
9F | Denied Retention by Separation Authority (SA) – Force Shaping/Requirements
9G | Grade (Soldier is within 16 months of ETS and cannot reenlist for minimum term/exceeds RCP for Current Grade)
9H | Pending MEB/PEB/MMRB
9I | Non-Promotable Status (IAW AR 600-8-19)
9J | Involuntary Separation under Qualitative Service Program (QSP)
9K | Field Bar to Reenlistment (A Denial of Reenlistment Imposed below Headquarters, Department of the Army)
9L | Involuntary Separation under Qualitative Management Program (QMP)
9M | Approved Retirement under Qualitative Management Program (QMP)
9N | Courts-Martial Conviction (Convicted by one or more Summary, Special, or General Courts Martial)
9O | Age (Restricted from Retention Due to Maximum Age Limitations)
9P | Loss of Qualification in PMOS
9Q | Declination of Continued Service Statement (Refusal to take action to meet length of service requirement)
9R | Pending MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2)
9S | Conscientious Objector (except CMF 68)
9T | Approved Involuntary Separation
9U | Approved Retirement under Qualitative Service Program (QSP)
9V | Pending Separation (Command or Soldier initiated separations)
9W | Not Eligible Due to SSG NCOER/NCOES Eligibility Requirements
9X | Other (Prohibitions not otherwise identified)
9Y | Retirement (Application for retirement has been approved)
9Z | Weight (Does not meet acceptable weight standards)
11 | Subject to Involuntary Separation
12 | Approved Retirement under Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA)
13 | Identified for QMP Consideration

Note: The term ERUP is interchangeable with IMREPR in systems, policies, and regulations not yet updated.

Download IMREPR Milper Message ---> MILPER Message 15-108, Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code

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