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Inspector General (IG) Duty

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Below are the requirements for selection of active duty Noncommissioned Officers as outlined in AR 20-1. To volunteer, Soldiers must contact their Assignment/Branch Managers for further guidance. Assignment/Branch Managers are the approving authority for nominations, and will submit “ALL” Packets for approval. Once approved through HRC, all packets are sent to DAIG and TIG for approval/disapproval.

The Inspector General's Mission

"To inquire into, and report on, matters affecting the performance of mission and state of economy, efficiency, discipline, and morale of every phase of activity that is within the sphere of responsibility and as prescribed by law. To provide a continuing assessment of operational and administrative effectiveness through assistance, inspections, inquiries and investigations."

The Inspector General Philosophy

The IG is a personal staff officer providing the commander with a sounding board for sensitive issues. IG's are honest brokers, and consummate fact finders who use training, inspecting, assisting, and investigating as their primary tools. The inscription on the IG crest (Droit Et Avant) is French and literally means "right and forward". Freely translated this motto embodies the "First be right; then take action".

Noncommissioned officer nomination requirements and attributes

Any NCOs in the grade of promotable staff sergeant and above may be nominated or volunteer for IG duty. In accordance with the minimum qualifications outlined in AR 614–200, these NCOs must—

• Be citizens of the United States (by birth or naturalization).
• Not be on assignment instructions.
• Be high school graduates or have a general education degree (GED) equivalency; an associate’s degree; and, if a SGM, a graduate of the Sergeants Major Academy.
• Have 36 months of service remaining or be eligible to extend or reenlist.
• Display moral attributes and personal traits that demonstrate adherence to Army Values.
• Have no record of punishment under Article 15: Uniform Code of Military Justice; conviction by court-martial; general officer letters of reprimand filed in the official military personnel file; or derogatory information contained in IG records as screened by the USAIGA.
• Have no record of civil conviction except for minor offenses.
• Have an "A" or "B" profile serial code and a "1" under "S" factor for physical profile.
• Have broad experience and an Army background that reflects outstanding performance and demonstrated potential for future service.
• Serve no consecutive details as an IG. The Inspector General may approve consecutive details as an exception to policy with the specific consent of the NCO concerned.
• Present good military bearing and appearance.
• Meet body composition requirements as outlined in AR 600–9.
• Receive a passing score on the Army physical fitness test within the last 6 months.
• Possess and maintain a secret-level security clearance.
• Remain in a deployable status for all required areas.

Inspector general nomination packet contents

• Unit identification code, MTOE, or TDA entry date, line and paragraph number for IG billet.
• An official DA photograph that is no more than 2 years old. If the nominee was promoted less than 6 months before the nomination for IG duty, the DA photograph at the nominee’s previous grade is acceptable. If promoted more than 6 months prior to the nomination, a photograph at the new grade is required.
• Copies of NCO evaluation reports for the last 10 years.
• A memorandum signed by the commander or directing authority if the nomination is local.
• Current height and weight data. If the nominee does not meet the height and weight standards as outlined in AR 600–9, a body fat analysis sheet executed within the last 30 days is required as well.
• Copy of any physical profile.
• Current Army Physical Fitness Test indicating pass or fail.
• Enlisted record brief depending on the rank of the Soldier

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