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NCO Career Status Program

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NCO Career Status Program. IAW Army Directive 2016-19, effective 1 October 2016, the Army redesinates the Indefinte Reenlistment Program (RA and USAR only) as the "NCO Career Status Program". NCOs in the rank of staff sergeant and higher who are eligible for reenlistment in accordnace with AR 601-280 and AR 140-111 must have more than 12 years of Federal service on the date they reenlist under the NCO Career Status Program.

The change from a 10 year entry point (under Indefinite Reenlistment Program) to a 12 year entry point (NCO Career Status Program) aligns with projected pay under the new 'Blended Retirement' system.

"Those who have served in uniform for fewer than 12 years as of December 31, 2017, will have a choice to stay in the current system or to opt into the new retirement plan, Schultz said, and those who enter service after the blended retirement rolls out will automatically be covered by the new modernized retirement system."

Read more about the new 'Blended Retirement' system:
DoD Plans Benefit Revision With ‘Blended Retirement’

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