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5 Nov 18: Reenlistment Options & Eligibility Window

Option 2, Current Station Stabilization Reenlistment Option

Table E–2
Current Station Stabilization Reenlistment Option E–2

Line: 1
Item: Name of option
Comment: Current Station Stabilization Reenlistment Option.

Line: 2
Item: Description of option
Comment: Guarantees 1 to 12 months stabilization as prescribed by line 5 below.

Line: 3
Item: Reenlistment period
Comment: Initial term and mid career Soldiers, who are staff sergeant or below may reenlist for 3, 4, 5, or 6 years, if otherwise qualified and authorized.

Line: 4
Item: Prerequisites
a. Meet basic eligibility criteria and reenlist in the time frame prescribed in chapter 3 with or without waiver(s) of disqualification(s).
b. Soldiers reenlisting for this option must be serving in a valid position.

Line: 5
Item: Option Information
Comment: Soldier must understand—
a. For CONUS-based Soldiers reenlisting for this option, stabilization will commence on the date of reenlistment. For OCONUS Soldiers, see line 7.
b. If the Soldier is placed on temporary duty, to include operational temporary change of station (TCS), away from the stabilized station (during the stabilization period), for a period in excess of 30 consecutive days, the period of stabilization will be increased by the number of days the Soldier was away from the stabilized station, unless the stabilization is waived by the Soldier.
c. To meet the operational needs of the Army, if the unit to which the Soldier is assigned must be deployed, relocated, transferred, or reassigned from the parent organization, the Soldier will move with the unit and no grounds for a broken reenlistment commitment will exist.
d. If the guaranteed station is inactivated and transfer of the Soldier is necessary before completion of the 12-month stabilization period, the Soldier will be given the choice of assignment to any other station in the command to which assigned if a vacancy in PMOS and grade exists. If no vacancy exists, reassignment will be according to the needs of the Army.
e. If the guaranteed station is redesignated, relocated, transferred, or deployed, the Soldier will remain assigned to the station and will be moved as part of the station.

Line: 6
Item: Option processing procedures
Comment: Normal processing procedures prescribed by this regulation.

Line: 7
Item: Special processing for overseas commands
a. Processing requirements in overseas commands are the same as those within CONUS except as prescribed below.
b. Authority to approve reenlistment for this option, when all or any portion of the guaranteed tour exceeds the normal overseas tour, is the prerogative of the major overseas commander per AR 614–30.
c. If the Soldier’s DEROS will occur before completion of the stabilization period, the overseas tour will be extended for a sufficient period to allow completion of the full 12 month guarantee period. Stabilization will commence from DEROS. OCONUS Soldiers must reenlist for a minimum of 3 years.
d. Soldiers assigned to OCONUS TDA/modified table of organization and equipment units are authorized this option provided they reenlist at least 6 months prior to DEROS.

Line: 8
Item: Statements required for reenlistment
Comment: DA Form 3286–79, Parts I through IV, for all Soldiers. Part II, Item 2, enter "Guaranteed 1 to 12 months stabilization from reenlistment date or DEROS." Part II, Item 3, enter the number of months stabilized and commencement date.

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