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5 Nov 18: Reenlistment Options & Eligibility Window

Option 3, Army Training Reenlistment Option

Table E–3
Army Training Reenlistment Option E–3

Line: 1
Item: Name of option
Comment: Army Training Reenlistment Option

Line: 2
Item: Description of option
Comment: Guarantees to qualified Soldiers
a. Attendance at an available service school of choice for PMOS, skill qualification identifier, additional skill identifier or language training.
b. Airborne training for Soldiers possessing a PMOS listed in applicable RETAIN message for award of skill qualification identifier "P."

Line: 3
Item: Reenlistment period
Comment: Qualified and authorized Soldiers as determined by HQDA, at staff sergeant and below, with less than 10 years of active Federal service on date of discharge may reenlist for 3, 4, 5, or 6 years. A subsequent extension is required if the reenlistment term does not meet or exceed the SRR for the specific school/training as required by AR 614–200 and DA Pam 611–21.

Line: 4
Item: Prerequisites
a. Must meet eligibility criteria and reenlist in the reenlistment window prescribed in chapter 3 with or without waiver(s) of disqualification(s).
b. Possess a physical profile equal to or higher than (all factors) the physical profile for the desired MOS per DA Pam 611–21.
c. Career counselors must ensure that Soldiers reenlisted for E–3 meet all prerequisites in accordance with the RETAIN MINQUALS, DA Pam 611–21, and the ATRRS course catalog at
d. In a pay grade that does not exceed the authorized pay grade for the requested three-character MOS per DA Pam 611–21.
e. Possess required security clearances before departing the losing installation. If the required security clearance is not awarded, the Soldier will not depart the losing installation. Notify Commander, HRC (AHRC–EPR–R), immediately and they will issure further instructions. Failure to qualify for required clearances is cause for cancellation of the option, even if discovered after the Soldier’s reenlistment. (In cases where the selected training requires a higher security clearance then the Soldier holds, caution must be used when requesting a class start date to ensure sufficient time to secure the required clearance prior to the Soldier’s departure from the losing installation.)
f. Meet any other special requirements for the school course selected.
g. Soldiers requesting airborne training must also meet requirements of AR 614–200, and currently possess, or request training in, an airborne-shortage MOS.
h. Soldiers who possess an overage-MOS and desire airborne training, may request retraining in one of the MOSs listed in the appropriate RETAIN message. Soldiers desiring retraining into a MOS that is an airborne-shortage MOS but is over-strength worldwide, must complete a statement acknowledging the requirement on jump status at least 36 months after completion of airborne training or be reclassified and reassigned according to the needs of the Army.
i. Soldiers requesting retraining in conjunction with assignment to an airborne unit must successfully complete airborne training before attending the MOS producing school course.

Line: 5
Item: Option Information
Comment: Soldier must understand--
a. The requested course purpose, scope, and prerequisites for training and a review of the MOS description, as outlined in DA Pam 611–21.
b. If relieved from the school course for academic deficiency, disciplinary reasons, or failure to retain the required security clearance, he or she will be reassigned according to the needs of the Army and must complete the term for which reenlisted.
c. If the Soldier becomes disqualified after reenlistment and before starting the course for which reenlisted, he or she will be reassigned according to the needs of the Army.
d. If a change in the Soldier’s rank or PMOS occurs before movement to the course, confirmation of attendance must be made. If the Soldier is no longer eligible for course attendance or assignment because of change in rank or PMOS, the Soldier will be assigned according to the needs of the Army.
e. If the course for which he or she reenlisted is discontinued before, or during attendance, or if he or she is later medically disqualified for the course, he or she will be given a chance to select another course for which he or she is qualified and for which quotas are available.
f. Reenlistment will be accomplished and all required personnel records updated before the Soldier departs the installation where he or she reenlisted. Transmit personnel records according to AR 600–8–104.
g. Soldiers reenlisting for airborne training will also understand—
(1) AR 614–200.
(2) Airborne training will be in a TDY en route status.
(3) Failure to complete airborne training will result in reassignment according to the needs of the Army.
(4) When airborne training is successfully completed, they will receive skill qualification identifier "P." The Soldier will be assigned in accordance with the needs of the Army. Those Soldiers reenlisting for retraining must also complete the MOS course before assignment to an airborne unit.
h. A subsequent extension is required if the reenlistment term does not meet the SRRs.

Line: 6
Item: Option processing procedures
a. Requests for MOS producing school will be made by RETAIN or by telephone to HRC, Retention Reclassification Branch.
b. Report all personnel information per applicable RETAIN and HRC messages.
c. Applications for airborne training must be submitted according to AR 614–200.

Line: 7
Item: Special processing for overseas commands
Comment: See current HRC guidance and AR 614–20

Line: 8
Item: Statements required for reenlistment
Comment: DA Form 3286–79, Parts I through IV, for all applicants. Reenlistees will be assigned to the student detachment of the appropriate service school as follows:
a. If the school course is 20 weeks or more in duration, the Soldier will be assigned to the school in a PCS status.
b. If the school course is less than 20 weeks duration the Soldier will be assigned according to instructions from Commander, HRC. The personnel records custodian will obtain ultimate unit assignment from the Soldier’s new career management branch, HRC, before issuance of movement orders.
c. Part II, Item 3, Soldier enters "I have read and understand lines 4e and 5 of table E–3 in AR 601–280."

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