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5 Nov 18: Reenlistment Options & Eligibility Window

Option 4, Overseas Assignment Reenlistment Option

Table E–4
Overseas Assignment Reenlistment Option E–4

Line: 1
Item: Name of option
Comment: Overseas Assignment Reenlistment Option

Line: 2
Item: Description of option
a. Guarantees assignment to one of the following overseas areas of choice:
(1) Korea.
(2) Pacific area, long tour.
(3) Pacific area, short tour.
(4) Alaska.
(5) Japan.
(6) Caribbean area.
(7) Europe.
(8) Germany.
(9) Italy.
(10) Hawaii.
(11) Africa.
(12) Southwest Asia.
b. Assignment guarantee is 24 months or 12 months from date of arrival of dependents in long-tour area, whichever occurs later.

Line: 3
Item: Reenlistment period
Comment: Initial or mid-career Soldiers, who are staff sergeant or below may reenlist for 3, 4, 5, or 6 years, if otherwise qualified and authorized. Long tour areas require a minimum of 4 year reenlistment.

Line: 4
Item: Prerequisites
a. Meet basic eligibility critera and reenlist in the time-frame prescribed in chapter 3 with or without waiver(s) of disqualification(s).
b. Qualify as a volunteer for overseas service according to AR 614–30.

Line: 5
Item: Option Information
Comment: Soldier must understand--
a. Option guarantees initial assignment only. No guarantee can be made that the entire enlistment period or any specific portion, (other than line 2 above), will be served in the chosen assignment.
b. If the Soldier’s rank or PMOS change before movement, the Soldier may be ineligible for the assignment and assigned according to the needs of the Army.
c. Soldiers are not guaranteed assignment to any particular unit within the area of choice. Any promises made orally or in writing to the contrary are considered void.
d. If all units in the guaranteed long-tour area to which the reenlistee could be assigned are inactivated before the Soldier completes 12 months in that area, he or she will be given his or her choice of reassignment if a vacancy in his or her rank and PMOS exists. If this is not possible, reassignment will be made according to the needs of the Army.
e. If the unit to which the Soldier is assigned is relocated, transferred, or deployed outside the guaranteed area, the Soldier will remain a part of the unit and will move with the unit.
f. Subsequent extension is required if the reenlistment term does not meet the SRR.

Line: 6
Item: Option processing procedures
a. Processing required for overseas movement. The unit to which the Soldier is assigned at the time of reenlistment is responsible for the following:
(1) Preparation of replacements for overseas movement (POR) qualifications.
(2) Informing Soldiers with dependents of the provisions of AR 55–46.
(3) Processing Soldiers who are not eligible for, or who do not desire concurrent travel of dependents.
(a) Port call instructions will be requesting according to AR 55–46.
(b) Upon completion of POR processing and receipt of port call instructions, the Soldier will be reassigned from the current unit to the appropriate U.S. Army Overseas Replacement Detachment.
(4) Processing Soldiers who are eligible for, and desire concurrent travel of dependents as follows:
(a) Request for concurrent travel of dependents (unless precluded or suspended by separate DA directives) will be transmitted to the overseas commander according to AR 55–46.
(b) If concurrent travel is approved, the Soldier will be reassigned from their current unit with a pinpoint assignment to their next unit.
(c) If concurrent travel is not approved, the Soldier will be processing according to (3) above.
b. If a change in the Soldier’s rank or PMOS occurs prior to reenlistment for an authorized assignment, the Soldier will be reported to HRC, Retention, Reclassification Branch for confirmation of assignment.
c. After accomplishment of reenlistment, all personnel records will be updated before the Soldier departs the installation where he or she reenlisted. Personnel records will be transmitted according to AR 600–8–104.
d. The Soldier will be advised that they may not indicate reenlistment to any specific unit on any reenlistment document.

Line: 7
Item: Special processing for overseas commands
Comment: Same as CONUS except as provided by current HRC guidance and AR 614–30.

Line: 8
Item: Statements required for reenlistment
Comment: DA Form 3286–79, Parts I through IV, for all Soldiers. Part II, Item 3, Soldier enters "I have read and understand Line 5 of table E–4 in AR 601–280."

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