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5 Nov 18: Reenlistment Options & Eligibility Window

Option 5, CONUS Station-of-Choice Reenlistment Option

Table E–5
CONUS Station-of-Choice Reenlistment Option E–5

Line: 1
Item: Name of option
Comment: CONUS Station-of-Choice Reenlistment Option

Line: 2
Item: Description of option
Comment: This option guarantees assignment for at least 24 months at the CONUS station-of-choice for Soldiers reenlisting for 3, 4, 5, or 6 year periods, if otherwise qualified and authorized. This option is available to both CONUS and OCONUS Soldiers.

Line: 3
Item: Reenlistment period
Comment: Initial or mid career Soldiers, who are staff sergeant or below, may reenlist for 3, 4, 5, or 6 years, if otherwise qualified and authorized.

Line: 4
Item: Prerequisites
a. Meet basic eligibility criteria prescribed in chapter 3 with or without waiver(s) of disqualification(s).
b. A requirement for the Soldier’s PMOS must exist at the CONUS station-of-choice for which applying.
c. Have no assignment limitations that would preclude assignment to the station of choice.
d. Other prerequisites as announced by HRC over RETAIN.

Line: 5
Item: Option Information
Comment: Soldier must understand--
a. The period of stabilization will commence upon arrival at the new duty station. If the Soldier is subsequently placed on TDY in excess of 30 consecutive days, the period of stabilization will be extended by that number of days in excess of the consecutive 30-day period unless stabilization is waived by the Soldier concerned.
b. To meet the operational needs of the Army, if the unit must be deployed, relocated, transferred, or reassigned from the Soldier’s installation of choice, the Soldier will move with the unit and no grounds for a broken reenlistment commitment will exist.
c. If the Soldier’s rank or PMOS change before reassignment, the Soldier may be ineligible for the assignment to which reenlisting and may be assigned according to the needs of the Army.
d. If the guaranteed station-of-choice is inactivated and transfer of the Soldier is necessary before completion of the 24-month stabilization, the Soldier will be given his or her choice of assignment to any other station in the command to which assigned if a vacancy in rank and PMOS exists. If this is not possible, reassignment will be according to the needs of the Army.
e. If the guaranteed station is redesignated, relocated, transferred, or deployed, the Soldier will remain assigned to the station and will be moved as part of the station.
f. No promises can be made that assignment will be to a specific unit within the station unless specified by HRC. Any promises, either oral or in writing, indicating a specific unit, will be considered void.
g. The station includes the installation, and any other location in close proximity, for which the installation has requisitioning authority (that is, Fort Eusis and Fort Story, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield). Even though these cases are not considered unfulfilled, every effort should be taken to assign the Soldier to the actual contracted location.
h. If the Soldier’s rank or PMOS change before reassignment, the Soldier may be reassigned according to current qualifications and the needs of the Army.

Line: 6
Item: Option processing procedures
a. If a change in the Soldier’s rank or PMOS occurs before reenlistment, the Soldier will be reported for confirmation or change of assignment.
b. After reenlistment is accomplished, personnel records will be updated before the Soldier departs the installation where he or she reenlisted.

Line: 7
Item: Special processing for overseas commands
Comment: All Soldiers serving overseas must complete the normal overseas tour before departing the overseas command.

Line: 8
Item: Statements required for reenlistment
CComment: DA Form 3286–79, Parts I through IV, for all Soldiers.

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