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Army Precision Retention

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Current Army Precision Retention Message(s)

MILPER Message 18-308, Regular Army Precision Retention (Effective 24 Oct 18)

MILPER Message 18-183, Regular Army Precision Retention (Rescinds 24 Oct 18)

Current Precision Retention shortage MOS/Skill Levels
To SGT - 12P, 13B, 13F, 19D, 31D, 35L, 46S.
To SSG - 12B, 12C, 13M, 13R, 14E, 14T, 19D, 19K, 25D, 25E.

Current Precision Retention overage MOS/Skill Levels
12W1, 68B1, 68H1, 92L1, 92M1, 92S1, and 35P with language codes HE, SC, and TH.

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