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Qualitative Service Program (QSP)

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IAW Army Directive 2016-19, effective immediately, NCOs (SSG ad above) with 2 or more years time in grade and more than 18 months until their established RCP are eligible for the potential denial of continued service under the QSP (AR 635-200, chapter 16) when their PMOS and grade are announced during the QSP process.

The Qualitative Service Program, known as QSP, establishes the use of formal enlisted centralized board processes to identify noncommissioned officers, known as NCOs, for involuntary separation from active duty in order to improve grade/Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS, readiness at NCO levels by satisfying force structure requirements; enhance the quality of the NCO Corps by retaining NCOs with the greatest potential for continued contributions; and support sustainment of viable career paths across MOS/skill levels in an all-volunteer Army.

Dual Signed QSP Memo, 13 March 2012
ALARACT 066/2012, Enlisted QSP
ALARACT 003/2013, Transferability of Education Benefits (TEB)/QSP

QSP Information

Under the QSP, there are three distinct separation selection programs. These programs are:

--Qualitative Management Program, or QMP

--Over-Strength Qualitative Service Program, or OS-QSP

--Promotion Stagnation Qualitative Service Program, or PS-QSP

The QMP will look at sergeants first class through command sergeants major for denial of continued service based on performance, conduct and potential for advancement that is not conducive to Army standards.

The OS-QSP will be used to identify a number of NCOs by the end of fiscal 2013 for separation in the rank of staff sergeant through command sergeant major who are currently in an over-strength MOS.

The PS-QSP will look at individuals in the same ranks but who are in a particular MOS that is not currently promoting at a certain rank, thus creating a stagnant promotion environment within those MOSs.

If a Soldier is identified as a candidate, he or she will be notified through their chain of command, starting at the lieutenant colonel level. Upon receiving notification they are being denied continued service under the QSP, Soldiers will be counseled on their options and the ramifications of the QSP in accordance with AR 635-200, Chapter 19.

Post-9/11 Transferability of Education Benefits (TEB) Policy. Soldiers selected under the Qualitative Service Program (QSP) are authorized to maintain their transferred benefits only if Soldier was otherwise eligible and requested to transfer their Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits and agree to the required service obligation before selection by the board for QSP. QSP is considered a reduction in force tool. Soldiers who have not requested to transfer Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits are not eligible to transfer once the board selects the Soldier for QSP.

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