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MOS 25D, Cyber Network Defender

The Office Chief of Signal Enlisted Division (OCOS ED) is actively recruiting candidates for the 25D Cyber Network Defender course. Soldiers will need to meet the MOS requirements before entering into the MOS producing course.

See below requirements and new waivers for MOS 25D acceptance.

25D Reclass Information Links
- Requirements with Waivers
- Processing Steps
- Application Checklist (May 2017)
- Example Packet (May 2017)
- DA Form 1059 ETP
- Notification of Future Change - 25B to 25D Suitability

Certification link: (IAT LVL II or IAM LVL I). 25D In-Service Screening Test (ISST) will be completed during the initial packet review process. Additionally, SGT/SSG may be eligible for a bonus up to $46,000 and SFC may be eligible for a bonus up to $72,000. Soldiers will be given the opportunity to earn eight (8) technical certification during the MOS producing course and Senior Leaders Course. Soldiers will be required to obtain three (3) certifications during the MOS producing course in order to meet course requirements. Students who attend 25D MOS course and fail to successfully complete the course will not receive an adverse DA 1059 IAW AR 623-3, para 3-49.d.

Reclassification into 25D is available to all Soldiers regardless of their MOS strength listed on the current in/out call message.

Incentives to becoming a 25D-
- Continued Technical Training, Education, and Experience
- SANS GIAC Certified during 25D Course (5 certs) and SLC (3 certs)
- Certifications required to perform job functions throughout Career
- Faster Promotion Potential
- Bonus up to $72,000 (SRB- Active only)
- SMAPP (MILPER Message 17-094) for SGT non-promotable (Promotion to SSG after graduation - Active only).
- Great Job opportunities after the Military.

Complete and submit the 25D application (attached) to the following OCOS email:

25D Recruiting-
RA POC: MSG Washington, Clinton (706) 791-8187,, or
SGM Smith, Brent (706) 791-8163,
ARNG POC: SFC Ortiz, Jose (706) 791-0706,
USAR POC: SFC Lawson, Deberah (706) 791-9337,

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