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MOS 29E, Electronic Warfare Specialists

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The Army is seeking qualified Soldiers to become Electronic Warfare Specialists (MOS 29E). The EW Specialist is responsible for locating, targeting, exploiting, disrupting, degrading, or destroying an adversary's electronic systems at the tactical as well as strategic levels of the operational environment. The EW Specialist will not only fight the threat of improvised explosive devices, but will also provide commanders with guidance on how the electromagnetic spectrum can impact operations.

Reclassification into 29E is available to Soldiers serving in a balanced MOS listed on the current in/out call message.

Effective immediately Human Resources Command is accepting volunteer reclassification requests for MOS 29E. In accordnace with MILPER Message 11-011, Soldiers must meet the following prerequisites for reclassification:

A. Physical demands rating of medium.

B. A physical profile of 222221.

C. Normal color vision.

D. A minimum score of 100 in aptitude areas SC, ST, and EL in the armed services vocational aptitude battery (ASVAB) test.

E. Soldiers must be in the rank of SPC with less than 4 years time in service.

F. Must be a high school graduate or GED equivalent and have completed high school algebra or the equivalent.

G. Successful completion of the Warrior Leader Course.

H. Possess a secret clearance and be eligible to receive a security clearance of top secret with SCI.

I. Have no adverse information in military personnel file, provost marshal records, local security office, or disqualifying information in the Soldier's medical record that would prevent the granting of a security clearance or meet physical requirements to be awarded the mos.

J. Must be a U.S. citizen.

K. Soldiers must serve an additional 36 months upon course completion. Soldiers must meet the 36 month service remaining requirement prior to course attendance.

Soldiers who meet the prerequisites may request reclassification through their servicing Career Counselor. Career counselors will forward all requests to HRC via the RETAIN System. Soldiers approved for reclassification into 29E may also be eligible for up to $4,000 MOS Conversion Bonus.

Read the MILPER Message --> MILPER Message 11-011, Regular Army Reclassification Procedures for MOS 29E, Electronic Warfare Specialist

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