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MOS 31D, CID Special Agent

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The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, commonly referred to as CID, recently launched a new centralized recruiting program, part of which features an online application process aimed at recruiting qualified Soldiers to become CID Special Agents.

CID agents are sworn federal officers, responsible for investigating felony-level crime where there is an Army nexus. Agents in the field routinely conduct protective-service operations for the Department of Defense senior leadership, counter-narcotic operations, develop criminal intelligence, and work with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies worldwide to solve serious crime.

To start the online application process, Soldiers must access the Common Access Card-enabled recruiting portal through the CID website, and click on the "Join CID" link.

Reclassification into 31D is available to all Soldiers regardless of their MOS strength listed on the current in/out call message.

Prospective CID agents attend the CID Special Agent Course at the U.S. Army Military Police School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. For 15 weeks, candidates receive advanced training in various specialized investigative disciplines and upon graduation become sworn federal law enforcement officers.

Advanced training opportunities are available for selected special agents at the FBI National Academy, Metropolitan Police Academy at Scotland Yard, the Defense Academy of Credibility Assessment, and the Canadian Police College.

Enlisted CID agents have tremendous opportunities to become warrant officers. After accessing into the warrant officer ranks, special agents also have the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in Forensic Science or a master's degree in Digital Forensics from George Mason University.

A unique aspect of these programs for CID special agents is that they are offered to those who need it most -- the agent in the field. Some other law enforcement agencies and major police departments often reserve this type of training for just their senior investigators or chiefs of police.

- U.S. citizenship
- Minimum age of 21
- Completed Warrior Leaders Course
- Maximum grade of SGT. SSG (with one year or less time in grade) may apply with waiver (*See below)
- Minimum of two years of military service and maximum of 10 years of military service
- Minimum of 60 college semester hours from an accredited institution
- Minimum ST score of 107 or higher and GT score of 110 or higher
- Consistently meet the height and weight standards prescribed in AR 600-9 and consistently pass the Army Physical Fitness Test
- Ability to deploy worldwide and have no physical limitations
- Normal color vision
- Must possess a valid driver’s license and favorable driving record
- Ability to speak and write clearly
- Minimum of one year of military police experience or two years civilian police experience (May be waived for Active duty only)

*NOTE: SSGs (with one year or less time in grade) may only apply with waiver for law enforcement experience in combination with grade waiver.

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