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MOS 35L, Counterintelligence (CI) Agent

The Office of Chief Military Intelligence (OCMI) is actively recruiting candidates (SPC - SGT) for the 35L Counterintelligence Special Agent Course (CISAC). Soldiers will need to meet the MOS requirements before entering into the MOS producing course. See attached requirements and waivers for MOS 35L acceptance at the below Recruiting page link.

For latest 35L Recruiting/Application information:
CI Recruiting Page

* Download the CI Recruiting Quad Fold (Oct 2016)

35L is a SMAPP MOS. SPCs/CPLs who volunteer for reclassification into 35L be promoted to SGT effective the first day of the month following course graduation and award of the new MOS. This current SMAPP message will be cited as the authority for promotion in the promotion order.

The following criteria are required for all applicants:

* 21 Years Old (Minimum) or be at least 21 years old upon completion of 35L Course
*Eligible to obtain/maintain a TOP SECRET clearance with SCI access
* Minimum rank of SPC with TIS/TIG for promotion to E-5 in the primary or secondary zone - upon school graduation - must be BLC graduate
* Minimum ST (TECH) Score of 101
* PULHES on Physical Profile no higher than 222221
* Free of objectionable accents or speech impediments
* Knowledge of the English language in both verbal and written form
* Ability to reason and express yourself in writing
* Must be able to pass a standard APFT and be in compliance with weight and body fat standards IAW AR 600-9
* Must hold a valid civilian drivers license
* Minimum of 16 months remaining upon completion of the 35L Course - you will be required to extend or re-enlist if you do not meet this requirement upon arriving at the CI Special Agent Course
* Not have been a member of the Peace Corps in the last 4 years
* No record of conviction by Court-Martial
* No conviction by a civil court for any offense other than minor traffic violations
* Must be U.S. Citizen
* No commercial or vested interest (Soldier or Spouse) in a country of special concern (contact local Security Manager for details)

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