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MOS 38B, Civil Affairs Specialist

The role of Civil Affairs (CA) is to engage and influence unified action partners and indigenous populations and institutions, establish and conduct military government operations, and provide civil considerations expertise through the planning and execution of Civil Affairs Operations (CAO) and enabling Civil-Military Operations. CA forces are organized, trained, and equipped specifically to plan and execute all CAO across the range of military operations, engaging various civil entities (to include indigenous populations and institutions, unified action partners, and the interagency) to support the Joint Forces Command’s civil-military operations concepts. Training for CA is rigorous and participation in these missions and activities is often sensitive in nature.

Minimum Prerequisites:
- GT Score 107+
- Grades E4 - E5
- DLAB 65+
- Applicants must pass a SERE-C physical.
- PULHES 111221 or better
- Must be eligible for a "SECRET" security clearance (security clearance is not required to attend)
- 240 APFT minimum
- Male and Female Soldiers Are Eligible To Apply

TIS/TIG Requirements
- SPC in less than 1 year TIS and no more than 4 years TIS and 3 years TIG
- SGT no less than 2 years TIS and no more than 6 years TIS and 3 years TIG

Current Messages:
MILPER Message 18-250, 1 Aug 2018
MILPER Message 18-123, 13 Apr 2018

For latest 38B packet examples, checklists, packing list, or to contact a Recruiter, go to:
Civil Affairs (MOS 38B) Recruiting Page

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