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MOS 79R, Recruiter

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MILPER Message 14-099 establishes reclassification strategy for MOS 79R, Recruiter.

The United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) is seeking qualified prior detailed recruiters to reclassify to MOS 79R.

Effective immediately, Human Resources Command (HRC) is accepting volunteer requests for previous detailed recruiters in the ranks of sergeant (SGT) and staff sergeant (SSG) non-promotable, who hold special qualification identifier (SQI) 4, for reclassification to MOS 79R.

Soldiers must meet the following prerequisites for reclassification:

■ Be in the rank of SGT or SSG who hold the SQI of 4 and served a successful tour as a detailed recruiter.

■ Meet the prerequisites stated in DA Pam 611-21.

■ Meet selection criteria specified in paragraph 2-4, AR 601-1.

■ Successfully completed the Army Recruiter Course conducted under the auspices of the Army Recruiting and Retention School.

Soldiers may request reclassification into MOS 79R regardless of the in/out calls for their primary MOS (PMOS).

Award of PMOS 79R:

■ Soldiers who are approved to return to recruiting duty by the USAREC Commanding General (CG) will be awarded PMOS 79R after final reclassification approval from HRC.

■ All former recruiters who are accepted, but who have been out of USAREC for over one year, will be required to successfully complete the Army Recruiter Course (ARC).

■ Soldiers who have not completed the Center Commander’s Course will be required to attend the Center Commander’s Course within one year of being awarded PMOS 79R.

■ Soldiers who fail to successfully complete the required courses will be processed for mandatory reclassification.

Interested Soldiers will contact the USAREC Recruit the Recruiter Team for assistance in volunteering for reclassification. Information concerning reclassification can be found at

Soldiers in the rank of SGT and SSG may be eligible to receive an MOS Conversion Bonus of $4,000 for reclassifying into 79R.

Soldiers who received a reenlistment bonus for their current term of service will not be subject to recoupment due to this reclassification.

For questions concerning reenlistment or reclassification, Soldiers and leaders should contact their servicing or installation Career Counselor. Career Counselors with questions pertaining to this message should contact the Retention and Reclassification Branch at HRC.

For questions concerning the application process found in AR 601-1, personnel should contact the USAREC Recruit the Recruiter Team at commercial (502) 626-0465, DSN: 536-0465, or email at

Read the MILPER Message --> MILPER Message 14-099, Reclassification Procedures for MOS 79R

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