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Reclassify to MOS 46Q or 46R

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The enlisted reclassification process to Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 46Q, Public Affairs Specialist, and MOS 46R, Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist, is hereby transitioned from the U.S. Army Public Affairs Center (APAC) to HRC for both the Regular Army (RA) and U.S. Army Reserve Active Guard and Reserve (USAR AGR), effective on the publication date of this message.

The process will no longer require a formal application via APAC; however, unit career counselors must validate the requirements listed in chapters 10-46Q and 10-46R of DA PAM 611-21 (Smartbook) and the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) prior to submitting the reclassification request to HRC for approval. The requirement to successfully complete two years of English courses must be validated by providing official high school or college transcripts (a diploma cannot be used as a source document to confirm course completion).

The APAC retains the authority to approve or disapprove all requests for exceptions to policy when Soldiers do not meet the requirements to enter CMF 46 as stated in DA Pam 611-21 (Smartbook) and ATRRS. Exception to policy requests, along with substantiating documents, will be sent to APAC prior to initiating a reclassification action through the unit career counselor.

Soldiers and leaders who have questions pertaining to exceptions to policy should contact the Force Development Division, APAC, DSN 622-7281, commercial (301) 677-7281, or via email at

USAR AGR Soldiers who have questions pertaining to the reclassification process should contact the USAR AGR Retention and Reclassification Team via email at

RA Soldiers with questions pertaining to the reclassification to CMF 46 should contact their unit career counselor. Unit career counselors with questions regarding this message should contact their appropriate Command Retention Office for clarification.

Read the MILPER Message --> MILPER Message 17-067, Transition of CMF 46 Reclassification Process to HRC

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