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Reclassify to MOS 46Q or 46R

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Soldiers requesting to reclassify into MOS 46Q, Public Affairs Specialist, or 46R, Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist, must submit an application packet to Army Public Affairs Center (APAC).

As an exception to personnel reclassification timelines, effective 1 December 2013 application packets must be submitted to and approved by APAC before is reclassification into 46Q/46R and before prior service (PS) enlistment/reenlistment contracts are signed.

46Q/46R Accessions

Active component:
Soldiers requesting reclassification into MOS 46Q/46R must be a SPC promotable or SGT non-promotable with less than two years time in grade. Soldiers must complete MOS 46Q/46R training. Previous MOS Advanced Leaders Course completion does not apply. Soldiers accessed into CMF 46 must complete Public Affairs Advanced Leaders Course training IAQ established NCOES timelines.

■ Active component non prior service (NPS) accessions must have either a 2-year or a 4-year college degree and be eligible for PFC or SPC rank.

■ Active component PS accession candidates must be eligible for SPC rank.

■ Rank requirements for in-service (IS) accessions and education requirements for NPS are applicable to the active component only.

Reserve component (ARNG/USAR):
■ ARNG/USAR access NPS and PS Soldiers in the ranks PVT through SPC.

■ ARNG/USAR applicants must be high school graduates and otherwise meet the general minimum requirements for MOS 46Q/46R. Waiver requests for applicants holding a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), must be submitted to the Director, APAC.

All IS and PS accessions must submit an application packet to the Director of the APAC. All component Career Counselors must receive written approval from the Director, APAC, prior to completing an MOS 46Q or 46R Reclassification and PS enlistment or reenlistment contract.

The application packet must include the following documentation:

DA Form 4187; requesting reclassification to CMF 46, endorsed by Soldier’s commander, stating the Soldier meets all requirements and standards listed in DA Pam 611-21, applicable Physical Requirements and Standards of Grade Table 10-46Q or 10-46R.

Updated ERB.

■ Written statement from Career Counselor addressing all waivers and/or relevant background information and verifying Soldier meets qualifications defined in DA Pam 611-21, Chapter 10-46Q and 10-46R.

■ A recommendation letter signed by commander, O-5 or higher, including recommendation and comment on the Soldier’s performance and potential.

■ The last two APFT results, DA Form 705, including DA Form 5500/5501, as applicable. APFTs must be dated within twelve months of application.

■ DA Form 3349 and any relevant medical information if soldier has a “2” in PULHES.

■ If applicable, a copy of college transcript(s) or a diploma from an accredited institution.

■ A memorandum signed by the Soldier containing the reasons for wanting to serve in Public Affairs, acknowledgement of compliance with AR 600-20, AR 600-9, and AR 40-501, verifying there is no derogatory information in OMPF, and a Statement of Understanding of the Army’s Selective Reenlistment Bonus recovery program.

■ Copy of last two DA Form 2166-8, if applicable.

Security clearance verification letter signed by unit security manager, or verification of application for a secret clearance entered into Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).

■ Training documents or other information to highlight special skills or accomplishments for consideration.

All application packets and/or exceptions to policy for training or reclassification must be submitted to Director, Army Public Affairs Center, ATTN: Force Development, at, or mail to Director, Army Public Affairs Center, ATTN: Force Development, 8607 6th Armored Cavalry Road, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-5650, for final approval.

Read the MILPER Message --> MILPER Message 13-376, Revision of MOS 46Q (Public Affairs Specialist) and MOS 46R (Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist)

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