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Company Retention NCO Responsibilities AR 601-280, Chapter 2, paragraph 2-2i  Print a copy of your Responsibilities for your Retention Book

Ensure the company retention noncommissioned officer does the following:

Note. The company retention NCO is appointed by the commander in an additional duty capacity.

(1) Serves as advisor on matters relating to the Army Retention Program, under the operational supervision of the Active Army career counselor and coordinate RC information with the RC career counselor.
(2) Maintains and provides monthly, quarterly, and fiscal year statistics for the commander.
(3) Reviews and maintains the retention data worksheets for all Soldiers. Screens local training records and rosters to obtain qualification data for retention actions and records. Special emphasis will be placed upon reporting and recording current reenlistment eligibility. Coordinates with career counselor on local RETAIN procedures to update IMREPR codes on the enlisted master file.
(4) Coordinates all reenlistment, extension, and RC affiliation actions and ceremonies through the RA or RC career counselor, as appropriate.

(5) Assists the commander with preparation of bars to reenlistment on Soldiers not recommended for reenlistment, extension, or further service.
(6) Contacts and counsels Soldiers recommended for reenlistment, extension, and/or RC affiliation, including those requiring waivers, to give professional guidance.
(7) Prepares DA Form 3340 for the Soldier’s and commander’s signatures.
(8) Coordinates, through RA career counselor to the servicing RC career counselor, referrals of eligible Soldiers declining reenlistment.
(9) Coordinates through the career counselor, with the servicing FAO, Soldiers due retention bonus entitlement payments, including SRB anniversary payments, and payments of accrued leave, resulting from a previously executed extension of enlistment (DA Form 1695).
(10) Maintains unit retention bulletin board, complete with latest retention information (SRB, incentive programs, and so on), as required by higher headquarters.
(11) Ensures sufficient RPIs are prominently displayed throughout the unit area.

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