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What is the SFAB?

Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs) are new formations specially trained and built to enable combatant commanders to accomplish theater security objectives by Training–Advising–Assisting–Accompanying–Enabling allied and partnered indigenous security forces. Soldiers in SFABs are combat advisors, not nation builders.

An SFAB assignment is considered tactical broadening and we encourage the assignment of highly talented NCO volunteers as we form, train, and achieve deployment readiness with our first SFAB. NCOs selected for an assignment to an SFAB will be offered language and cultural training, as well as special weapons training at the Army's Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, NC. Ultimately, Soldiers assigned to an SFAB will deploy to support combatant command requirements worldwide.

STEP 1 - Are you qualified?

+ Soldiers must be fully deployable
+ Soldiers must have a PULHES of 111221 (no APFT limiting profile).
+ Soldiers must pass the APFT with a minimum score of 240 (at least 70 points in each event).
+ Soldiers must be able to obtain a security clearance.
+ Soldiers must pass an Official Military Personnel File check for derogatory information.
+ NCOs volunteering for Advisor Team NCOIC must be an E7 and a former Platoon Sergeant.

STEP 2 - Complete the SFAB Volunteer DA Form 4187 and email it to your Branch Manager.

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Why are SFABs such a top priority for the Army?

• Strategic advisory missions are here to stay, and the SFAB improves up on the Army's ad-hoc solutions, which relied heavily on conventionally-organized Brigade Combat Teams for the last 15 years.

• SFABs allow the Army to reduce, over time, the demand for conventional Brigade Combat Teams for combat advising. This will allow BCTs to focus on readiness for warfighting against near-peer threats.

• SFABs will deploy to combat and will likely sustain a higher deployment tempo than other conventional Army units.

Incentives include:

- $5,000 bonuses (Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)) for qualified voluteers--as long as the Soldier serves in the unit for at least 12-months.
- Special Promotion Category to SGT--fully eligible SPCs/CPLs promoted with 799 points upon completion of Security Force Assistance Advisor Course (SFAAC).
- Suspended PME requirement to attain pin-on eligibility to SGT through MSG.
- Assignment of choice upon completion of 24-month assignment.

The SFABs are the Army's first permanent units whose core mission is conducting security cooperation activities, allowing quick response to combatant commander requirements. Assignment to an SFAB requires Soldiers to be in an Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) that is authorized in the SFAB MTOE, be fully deployable, have a PULHES of no higher than 111221, score 240 on the APFT with a minimum of 70 points in each event, have a secret clearance and pass an Official Military Personnel File check for derogatory information. As an incentive the Army will pay SFAB enlisted Soldiers a $5,000 lump sum Assignment Incentive Pay as long as the Solider is assigned to an SFAB and serves in the unit for at least 12 months.

• The training and development of professional combat advisors is an Army high priority. In an effort to facilitate building an inventory of these specially equipped and trained Soldiers, the Army has made the following decisions:

• The Army has created a SGT Special Promotion Category. Corporals (CPL) and Specialists (SPC) who have been boarded and are fully eligible for promotion will be awarded 799 points and promoted to the rank of SGT on the first day of the month following graduation of the Security Force Assistance Advisor Course (SFAAC).

• The requirement for completion of Professional Military Education (PME) to attain pin-on eligibility for promotion to SGT through Master Sergeant (MSG) is suspended for Soldiers assigned or attached to a SFAB or to its supporting Security Force (SECFOR). The Soldiers must be otherwise fully qualified and meet or exceed a monthly cutoff score (to SGT/Staff Sergeant (SSG)) or sequence number (to Sergeant First Class (SFC)/MSG). Soldiers promoted under this exception will be prioritized for the next available PME training seat upon redeployment or when otherwise available.

• The Army will field six SFABs: Five in the RegularArmy and one in the Army National Guard.

• The first SFAB was activated at Fort Benning,Georgia in August 2017, and is preparing fordeployment to the CENTCOM AOR.

• The Army established a Military Advisor TrainingAcademy (MATA) at Fort Benning, Georgia to provide specialized training for advisors.

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