Current Reclassification In/Out Call Message(s)

NEW MILPER Message 21-347, Reclassification In/Out Calls (Effective 29 SEP 21)

MILPER Message 21-201, Reclassification In/Out Calls (Effective 18 June 21)

MILPER Message 21-004, Reclassification In/Out Calls (Rescinds 18 June 21)

MILPER Message 20-320, Reclassification In/Out Calls (Rescinds 1 Feb 21)

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Application MOSs 
CMF18 | 12D | 12P | 17C | 25D | 31D35L | 37F | 38B | 51C | 79R | 79S | 89D

Reclassification MILPER Messages 
17C | 17E | 25D |  CMF 18, 37F, 38B | 31K

Reclassification Information:
AR 614-200, 3–19
Reclassification of primary military occupational specialty and/or secondary military occupational specialty

Soldiers will not be reclassified solely because they are not performing duties in their PMOS. However, Soldiers will be routinely reclassified as follows:
(1) Administrative reclassification of an MOS—
(a) For normal career progression.
(b) Erroneously awarded entry on ERB. These entries will be deleted per AR 600–8–104.
(c) Promotion to, or reduction from, grade that is not in line with, or authorized for, an MOS.

Voluntary Reclassification

Soldiers may request voluntary reclassification; however, they must meet the following criteria to be reclassified:
(a) The Soldier’s current PMOS must be listed as overstrength (N/Y) and the requested MOS must be listed as short (Y/N) on the current Reenlistment and/or Reclassification IN/OUT call message published by the HRC.
(b) Soldier must meet the required criteria of DA Pam 611–21 for new MOS.
(c) Soldier cannot be on AI. (Soldier is considered on AI when assignment has been processed through EDAS, not date of notification.)
(d) Soldier must have completed 12 months at their current duty station.
(e) Soldier may not be serving on initial enlistment under the Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program (ACASP) (see AR 601–210).
(f) Soldier must agree, in writing, to recoupment of any unearned portion of the MOS specific enlistment and/or reenlistment bonus received for the current period of service (see AR 601–280).
(g) Soldier must be within 12 months of the DEROS.
(h) Soldier may not be within 24 months of ETS.
(i) Soldier must have fulfilled all SRRs for promotion and assignments.
(j) When stabilized because of reenlistment, Soldier must waive their reenlistment option.
(k) Soldier must be fully eligible to reenlist or extend per AR 601–280.

Mandatory Reclassification

(a) Disqualification resulting from action of the Military Occupational Specialty Medical Reclassification Board in accordance with AR 600–60.
(b) The MOS eliminated from MOS structure.
(c) Reserve component unit redesignation and/or restructure.
(d) When directed by HRC (when possible, reclassifications will be limited to SSG and below with less than 15 years of active Federal Service).