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Enlisted Promotions

AR 600-8-19, Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
- Monthly Cutoff Scores & SGT/SSG ByNames
- Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW)
- STAR MOS Lists
- Reclassification Opportunities

Personnel & Assignments

AR 614-200, Enlisted Assignments & Utilization Management
AR 614-30, Overseas Service
- HRC's Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD)
- Branch Managers
- iPerms / OMPF / AMHRR
- Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) - View/Print
- DA Photo Management System (DAPMIS) & Appointments
- Army Career Tracker (ACT)
- Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK)

Financial & Investments

2017 Military Pay Charts
2017 Military BAH Calculator
- Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
- TSP: Contribution Comparison Calculator
- Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) / myPay
- Current Military Retirement Plans (High-36 / REDUX)
- Blended Retirement System (BRS) - January 2018

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