12P / Prime Power Production Specialist

The prime power production specialist performs electrical assessments, facilities maintenance and quality assurance/quality control operations. He or she supervises, operates, installs and performs direct support/general support-level maintenance on electric power plants, consisting of prime power generator sets of 500 KW and higher along with associated auxiliary systems and equipment. Other duties include serving as LNO and technical advisor to FEMA and other federal organizations.

Prime power production specialists must possess the following qualifications:
(1) Physical demands rating of moderate (Gold).
(2) A physical profile of 111121.
(3) Normal color vision, to include the ability to distinguish between red and green and good eye hand coordination.
(4) Qualifying scores.
(a) A minimum score of 110 in aptitude area ST, 110 in aptitude area GT and 110 in aptitude area EL in Armed Services Vocational aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests administered prior
to 2 January 2002.
(b) A minimum score of 107 in aptitude area ST, 107 in aptitude area EL and 110 in aptitude area GT on ASVAB tests administered on and after 2 January 2002.
(c) A minimum OPAT score of Standing Long Jump (LJ) – 0120 cm, Seated Power Throw (PT) – 0350 cm, Strength Deadlift (SD) – 0120 lbs., and Interval Aerobic Run (IR) – 0036 shuttles in Physical Demand Category in “Moderate” (Gold).
(5) Medical fitness standards per AR 40-501.
(6) Physical exam less than 1 year old.
(7) Be in the grade SPC, SPC (P) or SGT and subject to career field requirements.
(8) Minimum score of 70 percent on the Basic Mathematics and Science Proficiency Test (BMST).
(9) Show proof by official transcript of having successfully completed a high school or collage level algebra course.
(10) Have completed a minimum of 24 months of active duty service by class start date.
(11) Meet time in service remaining requirement at beginning of training

Currently has a Tier 7 bonus for PFC-SPC and SGT on 15 January 2020 additionally Tier 3 for SSG and Tier 1 for SFC!

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