Major duties: The Occupational Therapy Specialist, under the direction of a registered military
occupational therapist, supervises or interviews, tests, plans treatment programs, and teaches and
assists patients to facilitate maximum recovery by decreasing physical and mental disabilities resulting
from illness or trauma, prevent injury, and promote life-style modification to improve fitness.

The occupational therapy specialist must possess the following qualifications:
(1) A physical demands rating of Moderate (Gold).
(2) A physical profile of 222221.
(3) Normal Color Vision.
(4) No aversion to blood.
(5) Must possess finger dexterity in both hands.
(6) Per AR 600-8-19, promotion to MSG and SGM requires an interim eligibility clearance or
(7) Qualifying scores.
(a) A minimum score of 105 in aptitude area ST and 110 in aptitude area GT in Armed
Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests administered prior to 2 January 2002.
(b) A minimum score of 102 in aptitude area ST and 110 in aptitude area GT on ASVAB (c) A minimum score of 101 in aptitude area ST and 107 in aptitude area GT on ASVAB tests administered on and after 1 July 2004. (d) A minimum OPAT score of Standing Long Jump (LJ) – 0120 cm, Seated Power Throw
(PT) – 0350 cm, Strength Deadlift (SD) – 0120 lbs., and Interval Aerobic Run (IR) – 0036 shuttles in
Physical Demand Category in “Moderate” (Gold).
(8) Have a high school diploma or GED equivalency.
(a) Must complete as a minimum, 17 semester hours of college level courses from an
accredited college or university with a “C” grade or numerical grade of 74% or higher in; English
composition 1 & 2, humanities, college level math, Psychology 101 and a general elective (2 SH).
(b) Example of humanities: Art, communications, speech, foreign language, philosophy, music, literature, etc. (c) Soldiers who are lacking or have not taken any of the specified college level courses
listed above may submit a passing CLEP score for those courses not listed on their college transcript.
(9) No history of alcoholism, drug addiction, indiscriminate use of habit-forming or dangerous
(10) No history of a felony conviction.
(11) No history of conviction of crimes involving:
(a) An out of hospital patient or a patient or resident of a medical care facility.
(b) Financial exploitation of a person entrusted to a care of the applicant.
(c) Any weapons/ammunition/explosives/arson charges.
(d) Any drug activity involving illegal possession, buying, selling, or distribution (dealing) of controlled substances or synthetics. (e) Violence against persons or property.
(f) Sexual misconduct.
(12) No record of conviction by special or general courts-martial or civilian courts of offenses
listed in AR 27-10 (Military Justice), chapter 24 or otherwise required to register as a sexual offender
under AR 27-10, chapter 24.