Are you in the reenlistment window and cannot reenlist due to an IMREPR code of 8K? Why is it important to complete your SSD/DLC on time?

An 8K is placed on a Soldier when they fail to comply with Structure Self-Development/Distributed Leaders Course requirements, and a HQDA Bar to Continued Service. 

The importance of completing your SSD/DLC on time:   

SCOPE – The intent of SSD/DLC is to bridge the operational and institutional domains in order to set conditions for continuous growth, but it will ensure learning is continuous and enduring. SSD/DLC is required learning that continues throughout a Soldiers career and that is closely linked to a synchronized classroom and experiential learning that sets the conditions for continuous growth both as a warrior and a warrior leader. SSD/DLC builds knowledge and skills through a defined sequence of learning approaches with the adjuncts of formal educational learning.

ENROLLMENT – Is managed by the Unit Training NCO/Section. Your Chain of Command must schedule you for enrollment into the appropriate level of SSD/DLC through ATTRS.

AC –



ARNG – Through your chain of command contact the appropriate State Quota Managers.

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