Not selected for Promotion? Take another ‘STAB’ at it!

The Deputy Chief of Staff, G–1 or designee may approve cases for referral to a Standby Advisory Board (or STAB) upon determining that a material error existed in a Soldier’s Record when the file was reviewed by a selection board.

Reconsideration will normally be granted when one or more of the following example conditions (more in reference) existed on the Soldier’s record and was reviewed by a selection board. Soldiers requesting reconsideration will normally be granted reconsideration only for the most recent board held prior to the Soldier’s request.

  • Absence of an award of a Meritorious Service Medal or higher (initial award only).
  • Transcript awarding a degree (for example: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science) was excluded from the records.
  • A mandatory, error-free NCOER (that is, annual, extended annual, change of rater) received by HRC in accordance with specific board military personnel message or regulatory requirements was not posted to the AMHRR.
  • An adverse NCOER or AER reviewed by a board was subsequently declared invalid in whole or in part and was determined by the Army Review Boards Agency to constitute a material error.
  • An adverse document belonging to another Soldier is filed on the AMHRR.
  • A UCMJ, Article 15 that was designated for file in the local file only but was erroneously filed on the AMHRR reviewed by the board.
  • A UCMJ, Article 15 punishment that was wholly set aside was filed on the AMHRR when reviewed by the board.

Refer to AR 600-8-19, Enlisted Promotions and Reductions, Section IV, for complete STAB information and processing.