Update to the Assignment Satisfaction Key – Enlisted Module (ASK-EM)

MILPER Message 21-088 was released with important updates to the ASK-EM, including reenlistment and EFMP.

Reenlistment Program Considerations

Initial Term Soldiers

Soldiers and NCOs on their initial term contract are issued Year-Month-Available to move (YMAV) of “999912”, are not aligned to enlisted manning cycles (EMCs), and are ineligible for ASK-EM market participation until they reenlist.

Upon reenlistment, a valid YMAV date will be issued based on a system review of the Soldier’s record and their current tour type such as 2/3/4 year continental United States (CONUS) tour or based on their outside continental United States (OCONUS) date eligible to return overseas (DEROS).

Mid Career NCOs

Mid-Term NCOs (E5 (promotable)) thru E8 (non-USASMA select)) who are entering their reenlistment window will have their YMAV adjusted to their expiration term of service (ETS) date to allow for retention actions to occur and will no longer align to an EMC nor market.

NCOs who are within eighteen months of ETS, or whose ETS equals less than 10 months time in service (TIS), will use RETAIN as their sole market option, are ineligible to participate in the ASK-EM market, and must contact their local Career Counselor for reassignment options.

Career NCOs

SFC and above or NCOs with greater than ten years TIS at ETS do not fall under this consideration.

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