Become a Career Counselor

The Army Career Counselor is the tip of the spear in meeting the Army’s end strength. They live the Career Counselor creed and embody the warrior ethos. The hours are long , the mission is difficult, but the Career Counselor meets these hurdles with continuous success.

Look through the site, if you meet these minimum requirements click on Career Counselor Packet Example at the bottom of the page!

The Career Counselor Creed

I am honored to serve as the honest broker for the soldier and the commander’s eyes and ears in the unit. I exist to keep the Army’s forces strong through the retention of America’s sons and daughters, our soldiers. I realize that since the birth of our Army before America was a nation, soldiers required advice and counseling to decide the proper course of action in doing their part to defend our nation. My role is to tell the truth, and to honestly represent my country and the soldiers I serve to the utmost of my abilities. To do less is to forsake my duties and my fellow Career Counselors. 

I wear the Career Counselor Badge with pride and full knowledge that this very symbol epitomizes our nation and our duty to sustain America’s fighting force. The musket on my badge symbolizes the courage of our forefathers and the role of the Army in defending our nation. The eagle represents the spirit of the American people that we defend, and whose soldier’s careers have been placed in my trust. The olive branch on my badge is the most important part, for it signifies peace, that is the goal of every American soldier. 

My commanders and senior leaders will be assured that their soldiers are afforded the most effective counseling available. My superiors will not be burdened with my duties and responsibilities. Loyalty and honesty to superiors, peers and subordinates are my credentials. I will exercise initiative, integrity and the courage to convey the Army’s story, good or bad to all those who serve with me. I am a Career Counselor, by choice an advisor to soldiers, leaders and peers. A trusted intermediary that will never forget the professional aspects of my existence.” 


  1. A physical demands rating of Moderate (Gold)
  2. A physical profile of 222321
  3. Qualifying scores
  4. Must possess finger dexterity
  5. Constantly engages in oral conversation, makes oral presentations, and must possess the ability to communicate in a public forum without speech impediment
  6. Must not possess obviously distracting physical characteristics or mannerisms
    • Minimum score of 100 in aptitude area GT and 100 in aptitude area ST in Armed Services Vocational aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests administered prior to 2 January 2002.
    • A minimum score of 100 in aptitude area GT and 96 in aptitude area ST on ASVAB tests administered on and after 2 January 2002
    • A minimum OPAT score of Standing Long Jump (LJ) – 0120 cm, seated Power Throw (PT) – 0350 cm, Strength Deadlift (SD) – 0120 lbs., and Interval Aerobic Run (IR) – 0036 shuttles in Physical Demand Category in “Moderate” (Gold)
  7. Soldiers must possess a valid Secret security clearance awarded as a result of a NACLC or higher level investigation for initial award and to maintain the MOS. If a Soldier does not possess a Secret Clearance awarded by a favorable NACLC or higher level investigation, the Soldier must initiate a NACLC level investigation and be awarded an Interim Secret clearance to be qualified to attend the Career Counselor Course. Soldiers not meeting this qualification will not be enrolled
  8. Must be serving on a second or subsequent tour
  9. Must have 36 months’ time remaining in service upon completion of the Career Counselor Course. Action must be taken prior to course attendance
  10. The following rank criteria must be met
    • Be a SGT (P) with less than 12 years of total active federal service upon graduation from the Career Counselor Course. (Can request Waiver) All SGT(P)s that have not completed ALC prior to course attendance will receive constructive credit upon graduation from the Army Career Counselor Course per AR 350-1 paragraph 3-20(1)
    • MOS closed for reclassification at SSG and above. (Can request Waiver for SSG)
  11. Must have successfully completed Department of the Army Retention Training (DART) within two years of packet submission to the proponent office at the Recruiting and Retention College no exceptions
  12. Must have no history of lost or bad time during the current enlistment or in the past 5 years, whichever is longer
  13. Must have no history of drug or alcohol dependency intervention program of any type
  14. Have no marital, emotional, or major medical problems (to include immediate family members) that would hinder performance as a Career Counselor. Note: Every effort will be made to assign Soldiers with family members enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) to a military installation where definitive medical care is available. There is no guarantee that the assigned location will accommodate the Family’s special needs. EFMP must be updated through the three year service remaining requirement (SRR)
  15. A high school diploma graduate or equivalent (GED)
  16. Be recommended by a LTC or higher commander. Additionally, all applicants for PMOS 79S must be interviewed and endorsed by a Command Career Counselor (SGM). DA G-1 (DAPE-MPE-PD) is the only approval authority for exceptions to policy
  17. Have no record of conviction by summary, special or general courts martial or civil courts of offense (e.g. Lautenberg Amendment) to include reprimands for any offense as listed in AR 27-10 (Military Justice), chapter 24 or otherwise required to register as a sexual offender under AR 27-10, chapter 24
  18. Formal training (successful completion of MOS 79S course conducted under the auspices of the Recruiting and Retention College) is mandatory
  19. Serving on a dependent restricted tour, waive home base or advanced assignment
  20. Upon submission of packet, all Soldiers must submit the following Army Computer Based Training (CBT)/Smart Force Course: Any one of the 2016 versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and one course of their choice
  21. Must meet any additional selection criteria outlined in AR 601-280 (AA) or as announced in HQDA/Policy messages
  22. Must be a citizen of the United States
  23. Must meet height and weight standards as outlined in AR 600-9
  24. Must agree to voluntary recoupment of a Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB) as required by AR 601-280
  25. Must meet all reassignment and reclassification guidelines in accordance with AR 614-200. Note: All applicants who fail to maintain eligibility for course attendance or who fail to complete the Career Counselor Course are required to be processed as an exception to policy for rescheduling/re-attendance


The Career Counselor Creed