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Integration Counseling. Vital to the Army’s sponsorship program. Integration will assist to reduce turbulence with Soldiers when they initially arrive at their units. All Soldiers will be counseled by their career counselor to ensure critical areas have been addressed (sponsorship, basic human needs, personnel and financial issues, military programs, and Family support groups).

Career Counseling Session – Integration

Title: Integration
When Counseled: Within 30 days of assignment to unit
Who Counsels: Career Counselor
Guidance: Counseling should check that in-processing to the unit is proceeding successfully. Any problems should be resolved in coordination with unit NCOs. Areas to address:
– basic human needs,
– personnel and finance issues,
– Family support groups,
– military programs,
– transfer of Post 9/11 GI Bill education benefits,
– sponsorship,
– and receipt of enlistment and/or reenlistment incentives due.

Feedback on unit inprocessing and sponsorship will be provided to the unit commander. This counseling will assist in reducing turbulence for Soldiers when they initially arrive in the unit. This counseling also sustains the Army’s commitment to the Soldier as an integral member of the new command. Although first-line leaders are responsible for the basic needs of their Soldiers, the career counselor, on behalf of the commander, provides an essential element in a smooth transition to the new command.

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