Tuition Assistance Changes

On 12 February 2021, the GoArmyEd system will be deactivated.

To facilitate the migration of the Tuition Assistance (TA) program data from GoArmyEd to ArmyIgnitED, the ArmyIgnitED system will be offline from 25 February-8 March 2021.

Soldiers, Army Education Counselors, and Educational Institutions (EIs) will not be able to access TA data or functionality during the migration process.

TA program services will resume and be accessible in ArmyIgnitED on 8 March 2021.

Guidance for Soldiers:

1. Soldiers may continue to submit TA Requests to GoArmyEd until 1159 EST on 11 February 2021. Pending non-LOI TA Requests that have not been approved by an Army Education Counselor in GoArmyEd before 12 February 2021 will be transferred to ArmyIgnitED; however, the system will reject a request if not approved before the start date of the class.

2. Soldiers currently using TA who do not have an ArmyIgnitED account must create one to continue using TA or to access their TA education history. Soldiers can activate an ArmyIgnitED account by going to the site and selecting “Get Started”.

3. Soldiers with questions about the transition to ArmyIgnitED should contact their assigned Army education centers/offices directly since theGoArmyEd Helpdesk will be disabled.

Additional information/resources: ArmyIgnitED / GoArmyEd / COOL