HireMilitary’s DoD Skillbridge Program

There’s a Department of Defense (DoD) program that allows service members within 180 days of separation to work at a company AND THE MILITARY PAYS THEIR ENTIRE SALARY.

That’s right!

Through the DoD Skillbridge Program or the Army’s Career Skills Program (CSP), service members can work full-time at a company for 3- to 4-months, learn more about corporate culture, gain experience in their desired field, and get their foot in the door to be hired upon completion (depending on performance).

How do I get started?

  1. Join LinkedIn and get a profile (They’ve got an App)
  2. Register with HireMilitary (They’ve got an App, too!)
  3. Upload your resume and command approval

Interested in Learning More?

Follow HireMilitary (on LinkedIn) for updates on rules, opportunities, guidance, success stories and events. Service specific regulations and details are also listed on the website (hiremilitary.us)

The HireMilitary Team is there for your military transition journey!