-A systematic code used by the U.S. Army to identify Soldiers not-eligible to reenlist. This code is often referred as IMREPR.

Correct and accurate IMREPR codes not only affect retention, they also affect reclassification, reassignments, promotions, awards and decorations, attendance at civil or military schooling, retirement and family member travel to overseas commands.

Code | Description

10/Blank | No Disqualification (Eligible for immediate reenlistment)

11 | Subject to involuntary separation

12 | Approved retirement under Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA)

13 | Identified for Qualitative Management Program (QMP) consideration

8G | Grade – Due to reduction/removal from promotion standing list

8K | Soldiers who fail to comply with structure self-development requirements/HQDA Bar to Continued Service

9A | Lost Time (IAW AR 630-10)

9B | Adverse Action Flag (Flag Codes A, L, M, U, and V)

9C | Denied retention by Separation Authority (SA) (HRC Use only)

9D | Pending security clearance determination

9E | Physical Readiness

9F | Denied Retention by SA – Force Shaping/Requirements

9G | Grade (Within 16 months of ETS, not able to reenlist for 2 years due to RCP)

9H | Pending MEB/PEB

9I | DA Promotions Flag

9J | Involuntary Separation under QSP

9K | Field Bar to Continued Service – Imposed below HQDA

9L | Involuntary Separation under QMP

9M | Approved Retirement under QMP

9N | Courts-Martial Conviction; Convicted by one or more Summary, Special, or General Courts Martial

9O | Age; Restricted from retention due to max Age limitations

9P | Loss of qualification in PMOS

9Q | Declination of Continued Service Statement – Refusal to take action to meet length of Service Requirement

9R | Pending MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2)

9S | Conscientious Objector (except CMF 68)

9T | Approved Involuntary Separation

9U | Approved Retirement under QSP

9V | Pending Separation

9W | Not eligible due to SSG NCOER/NCOES eligibility requirements

9X | Other; prohibitions not otherwise identified

9Y | Retirement; application for retirement has been approved

9Z | Weight; does not meet acceptable weight standards