Looking for a Career Change

25D – Cyber Network Defender Needs You

The Army is looking for Soldiers in the ranks of Sergeant and Staff Sergeants to join the cyber community.

This is a great opportunity for Sergeants to get promoted by reclassifying through the SMAPP program.

Sergeants who have not completed Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) will receive ALC credit when selected for reclassification. They must complete Structured Self Development (SSD) 2, Distributed Leaders Course (DLC) 2, or ALC common core prior to attending training.

Soldiers can request reclassification into MOS 25D regardless of the IN/OUT calls for their current MOS.

Minimum Requirements Include but not limited to:

  • Minimum score of 105 in GT and ST
  • Must meet the OPAT rating of Moderate
  • Must have a TOP SECRET clearance for initial award of MOS and must remain eligible to receive security access of TOP SECRET with SCI to maintain MOS
  • Must hold a current certification under either IAT Level II or IAM Level
  • Have the ability to read, comprehend, and clearly enunciate English
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • A SSG will need to have with at least 4 years of experience in IA and IT
  • A SSG must have ALC common core or SSG II complete with at least 8 years time in service (TIS) and no more than 15 years TIS
  • All candidates will take and pass the 25D ISST for enrollment into the MOS producing course.

All Soldiers will incur a 36 month service remaining requirement (SRR) upon graduation and award of MOS 25D.

Submit your packet directly to OCOS@usarmy.gordon.sigcoe.mbx.sigcoeocoased-mailbox@mail.mil

Don’t delay see your servicing Career Counselor for more details!

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