Regular Army Precision Retention

Precision Retention is designed to sustain unit readiness and force alignment through the reenlistment and reclassification of Soldiers. Precision Retention is broken down into two parts:

  • Shortages: This identifies MOSs that are under strength and offers Soldiers promotion opportunities and monetary incentives for reclassification into an MOS.
  • Overages: This identifies Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) that are over strength and require reclassification out of the MOS in order to achieve force alignment across the Army.

Current Precision Retention Message(s):

MILPER Message 21-486, Regular Army Precision Retention (Effective 18 Jan 22)

MILPER Message 21-348, Regular Army Precision Retention (Rescinds 17 Jan 22)

To SGT – 12P, 35L, & 89D

To SSG – 25D, 25E, 37F, 38B, & 51C