Do You Understand the Selective Retention Bonus Message?


  1. Locate your MOS OR MOS w/SQI, ASI, Language and/or location
  2. Locate your Rank SL1 = CPL/SPC & below
  3. MOS & Rank will intersect with “Tier”
  4. Payment:  Bonuses are PAID by how many months are added to a Soldier’s service.  This is called Additional Service Obligation (AOS).  We CANNOT pay you for what is still owed on your current contract.
  5. NOTE:  Unless serving in a tax-free zone, bonuses are taxed federally at 22% per Military Pay E-Message 18-022 eff. 1 January 2018.
  6. Payment processing time:  A bonus will be PAID to the Soldier NLT 30 – 45 days from confirmation date.
    1. Scenario:  11C, SSG, with an ETS date 20200709 is reenlisting for 5 years on 20190824

Bonuses can be tricky to understand, below is a tool to help navigate the Army’s Retention Bonus.  This is a basic understanding of a bonus message, understand that there may be other factors that come into play when navigating a retention bonus, e.g. future training opportunities, promotable status, retention control point, etc.  ALWAYS see your servicing Career Counselor for accuracy.

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