Reserve Component Affiliation Bonus

Go see your Reserve Component Career Counselor to find out if the area you are transitioning to has positions available!


EAB (RCCC only) $12K, minimum 3 year DMOSQ, or 6 year Non-DMOSQ with minimum qualifications:

  • Pay Grade E-3 through E-7,
  • all prior service periods served under Honorable conditions
  • less than 16 years total military service on contract start date
  • Payment is processed lump sum upon being recorded DMOSQ in GIMS.
  • contract for MOS on State CS Top FIVE list or EAB list IAW AR 601-210, paragraph 10-16a

*Are you MOS 17C or 18 Series? Same qualifications above for $20k bonus!

US Army Reserve Enlisted Affiliation Bonus (RCCC EAB)

6-year DMOSQ EAB is payable in lump sum up to $20,000.

3-year DMOSQ EAB is payable in lump sum up to $20,000

6-year Non-DMOSQ EAB is payable in lump sum up to $20,000

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have less than 20 years total military service
  • Soldier must have been eligible to remain on AD by reenlistment or voluntary extension according to their IMREPR and RE Code
  • Only E-3s to E-7s are eligible for the EAB. Only E-3s to E-6s are eligible for the Will-Train option
  • Soldier must not be flagged at the end of their affiliation contract
  • Soldiers must become DMOSQ before payment is made
  • EAB amounts based on MOS list enclosure below