EXPLAINED! The Army’s 15-Month Reenlistment Window

The Army’s Reenlistment Opportunity Window (ROW)–the time or “window” qualified Soldiers can reenlist–opens 15-months from your ETS and closes at your ETS!

Unless your ETS is October 1, 2021 (Fiscal Year or FY22) or later!


Current Army retention guidance (DAM Pam 601-280, Chapter 3) states that NO Soldier with an FY22 ETS will enter the ROW at any time during FY20 (1 Oct 19 thru 30 Sep 20).

So, beginning 1 October 2020, Soldiers with ETS dates within FY21 and FY22 SHOULD be able to reenlist (pending Army retention policy).

If you have questions about your personal ROW, see your servicing Career Counselor or Retention NCO!