Scheduled to PCS?


At this point everyone has heard and/or knows about COVID-19 (coronavirus).  IAW HQDA EXORD 144-20 those who have reenlisted for an assignment to Korea or Italy and has a report date of 10 March or 10 April have been deferred for 60 days by HQDA, the new report date is 10 May.  

You may also be aware that as of 11 March 2020 a travel restriction was put into effect for OCONUS assignments that are classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Travel Health Notices Level 3 and Level 2 COVID-19 designated locations.  This restriction includes a 60 day stop movement for all those going in, out, or through OCONUS locations.

The Level 3 restrictions directly affect all DoD uniformed personnel, civilian personnel and family members and includes all forms of official travel, including Permanent Change of Station, Temporary Duty, and government-funded leave.  For DoD uniformed personnel this is includes personal leave and other non-official leave.

DoD Components must determine whether official travel by DoD personnel to locations other than CDC Travel Health Notices Level 3 designated locations is mission essential and must defer non-mission essential travel.  Mission-essential refers to work that must be performed to ensure continued operations of mission-essential functions, as determined by the DoD Component.

Also, concurrent official travel for family members of DoD uniformed personnel and civilian personnel is denied to travel to CDC Travel Health Notices 2 designated locations.  Until the travel restrictions are lifted, DoD civilian personnel hiring actions for positions in Level 2 and Level3 designated locations are postponed for non-essential civilian personnel who have not yet begun travel.

CONUS Newly Reported

Newly reported as of yesterday, 13 March 2020 all DoD military and civilian personnel and their family members assigned to DoD installations, facilities, and surrounding areas in the United States and its territories will stop movement. In addition, DoD civilian personnel and DoD family members, whose transportation is government-funded, will also stop movement. This policy applies to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and Temporary Duty (TDY). Additionally, until the domestic travel travel restrictions prescribed are lifted, DoD Components may only onboard civilian employees within the local commuting area, and Military members are ONLY authorized local leave in accordance with service policies.

A travel exception may be granted in writing with the guidance contained herein for compelling cases where travel is: (1) mission-essential; (2) necessary for humanitarian reasons; or (3) warranted due to extreme hardship. These exceptions are to be done on a case by case basis, shall be limited in number, and shall be coordinated between the gaining and losing organization, as appropriate.

Travel by patients and medical providers for the purpose of medical treatment for DoD personnel and their family members is authorized. Individuals who have already initiated travel are authorized to continue to their final destination. Individuals whose TDY ends while this restriction is in effect are authorized to return to their home station. Individuals pending retirement or separation during this period are exempt.

Overall if you are scheduled to PCS please speak with your Chain of Command for further information.