Security Force Assistance Brigade Assignments

The Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB) are specialized units with the core mission to conduct training, advising, assisting, enabling and accompanying operations with allied and partner nations.

Soldiers in SFABs are highly trained, and among the top tactical leaders in the Army. Their work will strengthen our allies and partners while supporting this Nations security objectives and the combatant commanders’ warfighting needs.

Quick Reference Information

Official SFAB Recruiting website –> Here

Official SFAB Recruitment MILPER Message 20-197 (25 Jun 20) –> Here

  • Eligibility
  • Authorized Positions (Enlisted and Officer)
  • MOS Substitution
  • Special Promotion Category
  • Application Procedures (Assessment and Command)
  • Points of Contact

Official SFAB Recruiting & Retention Facebook Page –> Here

Current SFAB specific Retention Bonuses (MILPER Message 20-156)

The above SFAB specific list was extracted from the Army’s current Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Message MILPER Message 20-156

SFAB Specific Retention Bonus Rules

“SFAB” location specific SRB is only authorized for Soldiers who are currently assigned in, on assignment instructions (AI) to, or reenlisting (to include option 2) for an SFAB. 

Soldiers are required to successfully complete the Combat Advisor Training Course (CATC) at the Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA) and be awarded SQI 3. 

Soldiers who have not yet completed this unit specific training are authorized to reenlist for a future training location specific SRB, provided they have a valid Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) reservation for the CATC at the time of reenlistment, but it will not be paid until the successful completion of CATC and the award of SQI 3 is authorized.