Training With Industry(TWI)

Enlisted Training With Industry (TWI) Recruitment

The Office of the Quartermaster General selects motivated Noncommissioned Officers to participate in the Quartermaster Training with Industry(TWI) Program yearly. 

For FY20 the following partnership will be available for the following MOSs: 

* 92F E6/E7 United States Parcel Service  
Location:Louisville, KY 

* 92G E6/E7 Culinary Institute of America  
Location:San Antonio, TX 

* 92L E6/E7 Chevron  
Location:Pascagoula, MS 

* 92R E6/E7 Airborne Systems  
Location:Santa Ana, CA 

* 92Y/A E6/E7 Grainger  
Location:Kansas City, MO 

All applications must be submitted to U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC), Military Schools Branch, NLT 28 February 2020. Send the DA Form 4187 and supporting documents, in PDF format, via encrypted email to The subject of email must read, Request to Compete for TWI. 

Please refer to the link an example packet and MILPER Message 19-344 for more information on the Training With Industry program.

For any additional questions please email below:

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