Are You Ready to Know Where You Stand?

On 4 April 2019, the Secretary of the Army signed Army Directive 2019-15 regarding the new Centralized NCO Evaluation Board. 

Have you been hearing about the new Centralized NCO Evaluation Board? We would like to clear some things up to help you be more informed about the coming changes.  The centralized promotion system was last updated in 1969 and it was used to assess the potential of NCOs for promotion.  The new system will create an order of merit lists (OMLs) which will shift the board process from being time-based to truly merit-based. 

The policy change will:

  • Evaluate talent through knowledge, skills and behaviors outlined in DA PAM 600-25.
  • Inform professional military education scheduling.
  • Inform order of selection for promotion based on known readiness requirements.
  • Inform consideration for potential nomination against nominative Sergeants Major positions and for BN/BDE CSM positions.
  • Assist in the assignment decision process against key developmental broadening assignments.
  • Inform retention or denial of continued service process in order to sustain readiness and professionalism of our NCO Corps.

The intent is to effectively evaluate talent and rank-order NCOs based on merit, improving personnel readiness, and maximizing the potential of the Army’s greatest asset – it’s people!

Some changes you will see:

  • All NCOs who are board eligible WILL be looked at for consideration.
  • NCOs will learn their ACTUAL OML standing (by grade and career progression MOS) through the Army Career Tracker (ACT).
  • NCOs WILL NOT be able to opt out of being considered by an NCO Evaluation Board.
  • Those found fully qualified (FQ) will be annotated distinctly.
  • The Army will place a Bar to Continued Service on those who fail to qualify themselves for promotion (not completing the required SSD/DLC training)
  • The Army will place a Bar to Continued Service on NCOs who refuse promotion after having been identified as the best qualified NCO for promotion.
  • The annual promotion list for SFC and above that have Soldiers identified for promotion will be replaced with a monthly promotion selection (this will mirror the SGT and SSG promotions).
  • The Army will announce all SGT through SGM promotion selects monthly, by the 15th of the preceding month.

The Final Phase:

The final phase of this is to eliminate retention control points (RCPs).  The beginning of this change will take effect during the FY20 CSM/SGM board. 

  • The first time NCOs who are found NOT fully qualified (NFQ) by the board the Army will place them on notice that their continued service is a risk and impose an HQDA Bar to Continued Service.
  • The second time an NCO in the same grade is found NFQ by the board the Army intends to deny continued service and they will have to exit the Army either through separation or retirement (if eligible).

There will be no appeals process for this.  This final change will eliminate and rescind all time-based RCP policies.  Through this talent management effort the Army will ensure the most talented, best and brightest NCOs are retained and continue to build a trusted workforce of professionals to carry on the outstanding tradition of the world’s best NCO Corps!

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