About ArmyReenlistment

In June 2003, then Staff Sgt. Matthew Quick, an aspiring Career Counselor, was preparing for the Army’s Basic Career Counselor Course. As he sought out online references (yes, the internet existed back in 2003), he realized the Army’s Retention Program didn’t have an online presence like most programs. That didn’t seem right.

Why create ArmyReenlistment?

Every good idea starts with a simple question. “What problem am I trying to solve?”

Recognizing the lack of available Army retention information, Staff Sgt. Quick purchased some software and learned how to create a website. As a result, ArmyReenlistment was founded in September 2003!

The site’s original mission was to provide a single site with updated retention and career enhancing information–as soon as it was available. To that point, whether you’re searching the latest retention bonuses, Reclassification In/Out Calls, transition services, or this month’s promotion cutoff scores, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and timely information.

Whether on the main site or one of its social media platforms (Faceboook and Twitter), that mission was achieved–for the most part.

ArmyReenlistment’s Importance

As ArmyReenlistment.com grew, it was expected to be continuously updated. Therefore, it was maintained through deployments (using local internet cafes), continuous travels (at airports, hotels, in a car outside McDonald’s borrowing their WiFi, etc.), vacations, weekends, holidays, and whenever information became available. Without question, we’re dedicated to getting YOU the information when it’s available.

After nearly 16 years, sole site upkeep was no longer possible. That’s when a small group of Career Counselors stepped up! Instead of allowing the site to simply ‘fade away’, they’ve agreed to keep the site’s original mission alive!

ArmyReenlistment’s New Leadership Team

For their selfless commitment and dedication, the following people have the immense responsibilities to carry on this legacy:

✪ Staff Sgt. Shawnte Waterbury
Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

✪ Sgt. 1st Class Samantha Block
Director of Compensation and Benefits

✪ Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Sadler
Director of Training and Development

✪ Master Sgt. Tim Donahue
Director of Marketing and Communications

Moving forward, please continue to visit ArmyReenlistment.com, support its mission with feedback (where appropriate), and keep it going for the next generation of Soldiers!

Matthew Quick
Sergeant Major, U.S. Army, Retired
Founder, ArmyReenlistment.com