Sergeants Major Course (Class 72) Selection

Congratulations earning ‘Most Qualified’ or ‘Fully Qualified’ on the recent FY20 MSG Evaluation Board! You haven’t made it yet! The FY20 MSG Evaluation Board‘s Order of Merit List (OML) will inform selection by career progression MOS (CPMOS).  Selection requires NCOs meet eligibility criteria not later than below suspense date. Failure to qualify by the suspense […]

FY20 MSG Evaluation Board Results

The FY20 Regular Army (RA)/United States Army Reserve (USAR) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) MSG Evaluation Board evaluated all NCOs in the zone of consideration. All considered NCOs will either be: Most Qualified (MQ); Distinctly annotated Full Qualified (FQ) Not Fully Qualified (NFQ); Name not included Individual OML standing (MQ, FQ and NFQ) will be able […]